Saturday, April 22, 2006

CNN: Certainly Nothing New

Watched “CNN”, the only news I have here at the motel. The stories are repeated over and over, with the same commercials interspersed. The whole thing seems to be on auto-pilot. No one at the wheel.

Feel I’m going insane here!

“CNN” is airing a sensational story: "We Were Warned" (before the 9-11 terrorist attacks.) It’s now okay for them to roll out the story, since it has already been widely reported. Such is the courage of CNN (which acted as one of the most vocal war boosters during the run-up to the Iraq invasion.)

For anyone who has looked for answers beyond the corporate-run media (with it's widely-diversified corporate "interests" and ties to political leadership), this is hardly a revelation.

But, at least the message is going out. The average, oblivious American will find it “news”.

I've been commenting aloud how, after all my travels, Sonoma County is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Today I'm doubting my own words, and sensing there is nothing for me here (except, of course, my daughter.)

I got out to visit Jess at work today. She's feeling better. At "Oliver's Market" she's getting $8 an hour. That means, after all taxes and deductions, she's netting just over $4. That's crazy. $32 for a full day's work? For Sonoma County, where the median home price is somewhere around $560k, it’s an outrageous wage. Not that one would expect to buy a home while working a deli counter, but home prices are just one reflection of the local cost of living. Rental costs, food and fuel are equally inflated in this market.

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