Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dinner with Good Friends

Finally went to bed about 5:00 this morning after about five hours dealing with a computer virus. (This is a fine “welcome home”. I've used this computer all over the Western Hemisphere, and it’s only here at home that I have such trouble! (The infection may have been connected to the use of "Lime Wire" file-sharing, though I've used the program often. Oops. Did I say that? No, I've never used "Lime Wire"!)

A call from Mike woke me about 10:30. No doubt, I was somewhat incoherent.

Continued trying to deal with the virus. I was over my head, but researched solutions on-line, reading the accounts of others who have encountered the same virus. Much of the day wasted.

Realized the insurance for both (Jessica's) car and my motorcycle has lapsed. Now I have to deal with re-writing policies. Ah, and then there’s that little matter of taxes. The forced sale last year of my Mondavi stocks adds a new twist to taxes this year. I’ll have to figure out (by Monday!) what impact that has.

I'm ”kind of hating” being back in this culture of "legalized robbery". Everywhere you turn, someone has their hand in your pocket. And the “goods and services” received in return seem relatively meager.

Thai noodles, hotel coffee, a banana and some tangelos constituted today’s meals.

A nagging tension in my right arm and shoulder still bothering me, a likely residue from the relatively high-mileage riding days of the past few months (and the added irritation of “keyboarding”.)

Rain through most of day, but there was a sign of a break as I was about to leave for Mike and Heather's house at 4:30. Dinner with the Clevelands tonight. They invited me over as soon as I arrived in town. Friends since we met in 1989 at Chateau St. Jean, we’ve shared a lot of good times, and I’ve been honored to be a dinner guest in their home on many occasions. Their son Cooper, who was just beginning to crawl when I left, is now walking, and on the verge of talking.

After dinner, we went for an evening walk around the neighborhood, and Cooper expressed an interest in sitting on the motorcycle. I couldn't refuse him!

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