Thursday, April 27, 2006


The rent on my storage unit is twice the price I thought I was paying! $97 per month. Called recently to see how long I have rented the unit: until June 11th, though the contract says May 11th. The urgency to find a home increases!

Heard an analysis of gasoline costs today:

$1.60 to 1.70 per gallon is the cost of crude. (Oil is still being produced at about $7 a barrel, but is now selling for ten times that!)

Refining costs $0.50 to 0.70 per gallon.

Taxes are $0.45 per gallon.

And retailer mark-up is about $0.15 per gallon (of which credit card companies take 0.07 to 0.10 per gallon.)

It’s good to now be using less than a gallon of gas a day, but even that’s too much!

Americans need to make a sacrifice, but we are not going to do it voluntarily, and no one is going to tell us what we need to hear.

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