Saturday, April 15, 2006

Housing hunt

Called on about a dozen local apartments with monthly rents ranging from $675 to $900.

The apartments for which I had addresses, I later went out to see. The first one, at 4600A Bennett Valley was clearly the best. The others looked terrible, most run-down. Apartment rental is huge business in Sonoma County, becoming huger, as home ownership is increasingly unattainable. (Last I heard, the median home price for Santa Rosa is well over $550,000.)

At “A'Roma’s” this evening, Sergio and his friend Shannon found me and sat down to visit. A while later, I saw a familiar toddler off to the side. It was Cooper! Turned around to see the Clevelands seated right behind me. “How long have you been there?” They had not wished to interrupt while I was talking with Sergio and Shannon.

Went over to my storage unit to search for stock and donation information. I clearly hadn’t anticipated this when I stored things away last year. Spent an hour or more searching through boxes, never really finding what I needed.

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