Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm in!

Charlene Morita called before noon to say she had talked with the folks at Perdue and told them they had spoken with me. I should be getting a call.

When I still had not heard anything by 3:00, I finally called Rosie.

"This is Tim Campion."

"Can you hold please?"

She left me on hold for several minutes. When she came back on the line, I said

"I'm still here...I'm calling about the procedure for moving into that apartment at 4600A Bennett Valley."

"What procedure?"

"What do I need to do now?"

"You need to bring a cashier's check for the first month's rent and security deposit."

"Were you going to tell me?"

"I left a message."

"There was no message on my phone."

"That's not my problem. I've done what I'm supposed to do. Just like I've done all along."

"Okay. Can you tell me the amount the check needs to be?"

She told me the amount, then added "if you're going to sign a lease today, you need to be here before 4:00."

"I thought you were open until 5:00?"

"I only do leases until 4:00."

"Okay. Thanks.

Then I had to call her back.

"Who should the cashier's check be made out to?"

If indeed Rosie had done everything she could, then circumstances were conspriring to create a little comedy of errors.

I went to the bank to get the check, and with half an hour to spare, headed over to her office. I half-expected her to intentionally be unavailable so that I could not conclude the contract today.

When I arrived, there was a "Post-It" note stuck to the door. "We will return in 5 minutes at 3:40".

I waited. After a while, I could hear someone inside and knocked. Rosie unlocked the door and stuck her head out. "Where is the note I left?"

("You mean the one I took down?") I shrugged as if not knowing what she was talking about.

Something came over me and I immediately apologized for doubting her when she said that she was unable to reach the owners last week. She didn't say a word, and did her best to ignore me while I sat there.

Taking calls while working on my lease, it was clear there were other personalities at work. She can be helpful when she wants. She told one client she had tried "all day" on Friday to reach her. To another, she said "I called the tenant numerous times and she hasn't called back." ("How does it feel, Rosie?")

Finally, the contract was finished and she stood before me reviewing the details, as she is no doubt required to do. I then signed, and we were finished.

On my way out, I said "take care of yourself," trying to leave things better than we started.

Back at the hotel, I called Charlene to report that everything was completed, and I'd be moving in by tomorrow. "Welcome!" she said.

Henry Morita called right back, saying he has an SUV and was available to help me, but I declined. I just didn't feel comfortable at this point. Instead, I would foolishly attempt to use the motorcycle for hauling my possessions in little bites.

Made a run to the storage unit and loaded up. (This just won't work for the wine cabinet, TV, file cabinet and ironing board!)

Stayed at the hotel one last night, in theory taking advantage of the internet connection to get some work done. But I didn't get any work done.

Feeling pretty lost and hopeless, but being negative is so damn enjoyable!

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