Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Motel Shuffle

Up at 7:00. Lazed about. A rainy morning. Packed up for my move to the "Extended Stay America" motel on Corby Auto Mall, not an appealing location, but convenient to my storage unit and my daughter’s apartment.

The rain became steady. It almost feels like I’ve experienced more rain here than anywhere on my trip! (Though I suspect places such as Costa Rica were in reality much worse.) But riding in the rain is no big deal now. I'm quite accustomed to it.

My travels demonstrated once again that most obstacles are surmountable. You must have confidence in yourself and acknowledge the fears, yet not be thwarted by them.

Checked into the new motel, dumped my stuff, then went off to "Denny's" to find a hotel coupon for the final billing at "Best Western". Returning to the "Best Western" with a coupon, checked out, receiving a $30 discount with the coupon. Not bad for 15-minutes' effort.

Took more gear to storage. Yesterday, I had spread out the tent and tarp in the storage unit to dry. Today, I could pack them away for good.

"Welcome home" greetings are coming in from friends and family. It is strange to be here.

Watched "Festival Express" on TV, about a concert tour across Canada in 1970.

Jessica and I went out to dinner at a new restaurant. "Flavor" opened on Santa Rosa's Courthouse Square after I went away. It reminds me of "Cafe Lolo", an excellent Santa Rosa restaurant (that closed while I was away!)

Just like old times! Trying different foods together, critiquing and catching up on news. Tried a glass of 2003 "Alexander Valley Vineyards" Cabernet Sauvignon. As always, they've produced an excellent wine.

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