Monday, April 17, 2006

"Property Management"

The Paul Perdue Property Management office opened at 10:00. I wanted to be the first to talk to them about the Bennett Valley apartment.

Unable to reach anyone, I left a message. This, in addition to one I had left over the weekend.

Over the next few hours, I continued trying to reach the office. Later, I saw the phone’s message light flashing. There had been a call-back around 11:30, but the caller had hung up. Finally, after about twenty attempts, I spoke with a human. She said someone at the hotel switchboard had put her on hold. “I can’t afford to be on hold more than a few seconds,” she said.

Arranged to visit their office to discuss the apartment. When I got there, the office manager appeared to be reading a book. (Why had it been so hard to get through?)

"Rosie" said I could go look at the apartment: I left a deposit and she gave me a key, asking that I return it within an hour.

The “granny” unit looked great: newly-remodeled, high-quality materials and an attention to detail. Tucked away in a quiet hillside subdivision, it was tiny, but almost perfect.

Returned to Perdue and said “I want it.” Filled out the application and paid $30 for a credit check.

Rosie explained earlier they "have 3 to 5 days" to process the application. When I told her the “Extended Stay” was costing me over $50 a day, she said she would try to get the application processed faster.

I was able to reach her later in the day and she reported she had everything she needed, but had to talk to “Paul” (Perdue, her boss.)

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