Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Mission Accomplished" (No, not that one!)

Otto and Janie!

But I did find a nice little piece of jewelry for my daughter after all this time.

Janie and Otto took me into downtown Las Vegas today. We went to the new Wynn hotel and casino, and to a shopping mall across the boulevard. They knew I was on a shopping mission and this would provide an opportunity. (Plus, there was a conveniently-located coffee shop and deli they enjoy.)

First order of business was coffee and a fresh croissant at the Drugstore Café. At nearly $10 a person, you're obviously helping fund this lavish casino, but I must admit, the quality of culinary experience is far higher than the Las Vegas of old.

Then I went shopping at Wynn's & Co. Jewelry, which is where I finally found a nice, understated piece for Jessica, designed by 28-year-old Mark Patterson. It is likely that having someone (Janie) looking over my shoulder and saying "ooo, that's nice!" helped persuade me. I looked at a few more jewelry shops, but nothing else came close.

At Wynn, you can also pay $10 to enter the Penske-Wynn Ferrari-Maserati Showroom. That is one way to segregate "haves" from "have-nots" (and keep those greasy paws off the paint finishes.)

One-stop shopping at Wynn, we had lunch at their Zoozacrackers deli. Left a "chunk of change" in this place today, and didn't even gamble!


Staying with Janie and Otto is quite a pleasure, and luxury. Janie had "Timmy's Room" all ready. So quiet and comfortable!

And Otto got me connected to his wireless network so I could keep up with "my assignment".

But later there was a troubling sound in the air: out across the desert, a steady stream of dump trucks crawled back and forth across a landscape that had provided til now now, a wild and desolate panorama. Soon there is sure to be a sea of roofs out there.

Tonight, we celebrated Rocky(cat)'s birthday. His gifts included a tuna fish cake and package of toilet paper (which he loves to unravel and leave in a shredded pile. Even more fun when the roll is mounted on its holder!)

Rocky with his birthday toilet paper


Genevieve said...

I love the look on his face and that one shred hanging on his fur. LOL

timtraveler said...

This cat is really a crack-up. He much prefers toilet paper rolls mounted on the wall. He's famous for leaving a heap of shredded toilet paper below the holder.