Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sin City

So happy to be in Sin City!

Time change this morning, springing ahead an hour! Janie prepared chocolate chip breakfast rolls and Starbucks coffee (in her automatic grinder-brewer.) It's just like being on the road!

Janie and Otto with their new "Rockycat" mobile

A cool, breezy afternoon, we went over to help our niece, Corey move some things to her new apartment. The new apartment, on Las Vegas' west side (not far from the BMW shop) looks out on an open space, and mountains beyond.

To me, all open spaces around Las Vegas are suspect. The developers have plans. It's not right that people who live near an open space need live in fear and uncertainty of what will come. But that is the case throughout this city.

At Corey's Las Vegas apartment, Timtraveler is introduced to the Pilates Method of body conditioning

Janie, Otto, Corey and I went to dinner at Twin Creek inside Silverton Casino. Janie reserved one of two tables in front of the fireplace. It's amazing how they create these diverse settings within casinos, this one, somewhat reminiscent of a mountain lodge. You forget where you are, and forget the (for me) depressing scene just beyond the door, where people hunch over their slot machines.

Out for dinner in a Las Vegas casino with sister Janie, Corey and brother-in-law-to-be Otto.

Janie and Otto brought a wine from their "cellar", a 1994 Robert Sinskey Reserve Merlot. Of course, this demanded red meat - steak! Very good food (but I'm dying here - the jeans I bought in Miami no longer fit!)

After dinner, we sat at "Billy's bar" again and tried our luck for a short while. I gambled $27, and lost it all. Janie and Otto both came out on top.

Back at the house, I checked e-mails and learned that Anne ("Anna Moto Diva") is back in San Francisco and will be doing a slide presentation and talk at Jim Hyde's California Adventure Rally in Ballarat. (Neither of us originally expected to be back in time for the late-April rally.)

Personally, I don't think I'll be too interested in heading off to a motorcycle rally right after returning.

Watched a video tonight: Prime.


Tom Threinen said...

Hi Tim; For many months I've been avidly following your travels to the ends of the earth, and now you're posting stunning photos of my local territory: Southern Utah, and even Las Vegas, Nevada. I live in Henderson. Drew told me about your blog--I'm the artist working with him on the Don Redondo comic strip in The Surfer's Path magazine.

Through your writing and photos, I've been a sometimes anxious but always entertained participant in your extraordinary adventure. Thanks!

Tom Threinen

timtraveler said...

Hi, Tom!

I've certainly heard Drew praise your work.

Where are you in Henderson? My sister Janie and her fiance Otto live there (in "Anthem highlands".)


otto said...

Outstanding photography, who took this picture? She, I mean they do great work.

timtraveler said...

Did I forget to mention?

This photo was taken by my talented sister Janie!

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