Friday, April 07, 2006

Chilling (literally) in L.A.

Timtraveler digs into some "World Famous Smokehouse Garlic Bread"


Coffee and a cinnamon roll with Robert this morning. Afterwards, we got on the phone and, just for fun, put together a conference call with: Mary at work in West L.A., Krissy at her house in Burbank, Janie at home in Las Vegas and Otto at work in Las Vegas!

Later, I plugged into Robert's DSL and read more 9-11 conspiracy stuff, consuming much of afternoon. I need to get moving, to shift back into a different frame of mind. If not, I'll simply atrophy!

I was going to visit Mary at her Fox Studios office, but the afternoon slipped away. A chilly day. Being inactive, my body never got warm. Finally, late in the afternoon, I took a hot shower.

Krissy and Ben came over after Mary arrived home and we all went out to dinner at The Burbank Corner Cafe, an upscale fast-food restaurant and bakery. My sister and Krissy were so boisterous, it was making me uncomfortable. Have to get used to these crazy Southlanders again! (And loosen up a little in the process.)

Back at the house, we watched videos and some over-the-top Penn & Teller show on cable, staying up until 1:00 a.m.


otto said...

Janie says to save the "end" piece for her

timtraveler said...

Mary's got it.

otto said...

Of course.

timtraveler said...

Are you jealous?