Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Too much coffee

In what is becoming a daily routine, at about 10:00 a.m. I called down to the front desk and said "I need to extend one more day..."

I was livid at what I viewed as Rosie’s disrespect and unprofessional behavior. There were no calls to update me on the apartment status, I was unable to get beyond her answering machine, and my messages went unreturned. Tension was building. The frustration at being “in the hands of incompetents” was driving me crazy.

Looked at another apartment being offered: in the new development southeast of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Now that it's finally sunny, construction activity in the neighborhood is at a fevered pitch. That won't do.

“I'm going to be forced, kicking and screaming, to make a decision.”

My travels had depleted my bank account to such an extent that now, while I’m waiting for some assets to be liquidated, I turned to my daughter for a loan. (Fortunately, she’s more responsible with her finances than “Dad”.)

Drew joined in the effort to find a rental house for Jessica's graduation, contacting his friend Dale Webster, to see if he has any Dillon Beach connections. Dale, who lives in nearby Valley Ford, holds the Guiness Book Record for most consecutive days surfing: at least three waves every day since September 2, 1975!

Resorted to my usual routine, hanging out at A'Roma's. Parking my motorcycle, a fellow came over and commented what a nice bike it is. He appeared to be homeless, like many who wander the streets in this area of town.

But he knew a lot about motorcycles. “I used to ride, before my life took a turn…” He called me “sir”, when he answered. “Yes, sir.” Strangely, he did not seem to be looking for a hand-out. Just waiting for his life to turn around again.

Talked with “Evan”, another A’Roma’s regular, about his 1964 Mini Cooper.

Coffee is a big part of my diet now. Too big!

Living in the motel, I’m still using up some of the foods leftover from my trip (a few, such as miso soup, that I started out with!) Miso, Thai noodles, honey, sugar, creamer.

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