Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jessica's Graduation Part 3: Beachcombing at Bodega Bay

Waxing crescent moon over Bodega Bay

Princess Cake!

Thief in the house

Hanging out, watching The Wedding Crashers

Jackie, Ted and Drew

Margaret and Klaus. Klaus followed my travels and provided encouragement along the way.

Outside observer

Hideous cave creature awakened

Drew plays on a deserted beach

Heather, Jess and Janie

Under Drew's supervision, Heather probes an anemone

Drew teaches marine biology class

Heather, Jess and Sergio

Jess and Sergio check out a starfish


Cathie and the tire

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jessica's Graduation Part 2: Celebration at Bodega Bay

Sergio, Jess and Erin




Erin and Heather

Jess and Lacy

Cole and Heather

Alex took this from the beach house roof

Shannon climbs a rock

Heather and Lacy

Sunset at Bodega Bay