Saturday, May 06, 2006

A hike to Bald Mountain, Sugarloaf Ridge Sate Park

In Sonoma County's hills, the black oaks are just leafing out

Referring to the above photo, reader "Genevieve" writes: "that red pigmentation is probably hidden by green as soon as the new little leaves get some sunshine." This photo shows the transition.

Ah, juicy poison oak!

Knight on Bald Mountain. Well, maybe that's a stretch. How about bald fellow on Bald Mountain, Sonoma County, California?

If I were to have a vineyard, it would be like this little one nestled in the Mayacamas Mountains between Napa and Sonoma Valleys.



One of the neighbors

These guys have a lot of grass to eat this year!


Genevieve said...

I have never lived where poison oak was common so I don't know the plant, but I see it has the infamous "leaves of three". It looks enough like poison ivy that I would probably have avoided contact with it.

timtraveler said...

Well, I know it, but still didn't stay sufficiently far away. Today, I'm scratching.

Dicky Neely said...

Hey Tim! Your pics of home are every bit as beautiful as the exotic locations!
Looks like your trip continues, and it always has been and always will be...
I got into some poison oak years ago when two friends and I snuck into a DAve Mason concert at the Santa Barbara County Bowl. We climbed down the cliff face into the natural amphitheater and we chased by the security guards. We hid in the bushes and got away from them and enjoyed the show.
A couple of days later we suffered from severe, debilitating full body outbreak of poison oak irritation! It was awful I had to go to a doctor and it lasted for over two weeks!
See ya

timtraveler said...

Hey, Dicky!

How are you doing?

Making lots of music, it sounds like.

I've got three TINY patches of poison oak. I can't imagine having it ALL OVER! Nasty stuff.


Dicky Neely said...

Doing OK. Today I will play a duo with Guy at the Art Center for a clay pottery show opening. Should be fun.
Did I send you a link to my blog about the recentr show we did at the Sandfest in Port Aransas? I can't remember anything recent!
I'll send it again just to be sure. I'll send one to Drew also.
See ya

timtraveler said...

Nope, you didn't send the link!

Please do.

How did the ceramics opening go?

Anonymous said...

7 comments (relocated here due to post consolidation):

timtraveler said...

Tim Spires said...

I can't wait to get to Cali some day. It seems to offer so much. Nice shots!

Drew Kampion said...

How about, "Bald on Knight Mountain"?

Hey, that little vineyard you point out reminds me of how Random Ridge sounds from descriptions.

timtraveler said...

Funny you should mention it. Random Ridge is atop Mayacamas Peak, which is the tall mountain in the background.

Genevieve said...

That red pigmentation is probably hidden by green as soon as the new little leaves get some sunshine.

timtraveler said...

I think you're right! I've added another phot below to show this.

By the way, I like your occupation: "Job hunting without enthusiasm". Same here!

Genevieve said...

It's very interesting that they have all that red spring color. I like how little oak leaves look when they first come out. They have the unique leaf-shape of their species, but it's all in miniature.

timtraveler said...

Kind of like people!