Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Amazing Computer!

I must say, one of the most remarkable pieces of equipment that accompanied me throughout the Americas has been the "IBM T42 ThinkPad" laptop computer (made in China, by the way.) Stowed in an "Ortlieb" weatherproof bag and strapped behind me for the journey (where I could actually lean back against it,) I traveled in all kinds of conditions and over all sorts of roads.

Burning heat and freezing cold, parched deserts, hurricane rains, tropical humidity, thousands of miles of dusty, jarring roads. It survived all this and even the bike's 16 or 17 tumbles.

Today, while riding Sonoma County's backroads, I hit a small pot hole and heard a loud snap. In the rear view mirror, I saw the top box tumbling down the road and off onto the gravel shoulder. The laptop was inside. I was concerned that should it be destroyed, I might not be able to retrieve the stored files. But if indeed it had disintegrated, I felt I had derived my "money's worth". I gathered up the box and moved the computer to a side pannier.

When I finished the ride, I took the computer out of its soft-sided carrying case and opened it up. Everything looked intact, except for the pile of dust that had been shaken loose from the keyboard. It fired right up. Simply amazing.


Genevieve said...

Great unsolicited endorsement for IBM -- the sort they should dream about. I like to give credit to good products too.

Tim Spires said...

So far my Averatec laptop has survived several miles of vibration from onroad and offroad travels. Its never taken a tumble like yours though. To bad about you top case....what happened?

timtraveler said...

The top box latching mechanism is not adequate, and with wear, the box becomes loose. (Even from "day one", it rattled around a bit.)