Friday, May 26, 2006

Jessica's Graduation - Prequel

Dinner of "Janie's Famous Goat Cheese Enchiladas"

Cathie, Jessica, Ted and Jackie

Goat cheese-covered Janie with "Mr. Pacifico"

Mischievous little devils Lacy, Jessica, Sergio and Alex. They're up to something.

Janie sports her "Blue Tooth" even while preparing her famous enchiladas. I think Emeril's on the other end.

Mother and daughter catch up

Under pressure, Janie prepares dinner beneath the watchful gaze of "Cordon Bleu" chefs Jackie and Ted

Janie with her "Blue Tooth" and "Smirnoff Ice"

Jessica's pre-graduation celebration. "Grandma, Grandpa and Mom" (Jackie, Ted and Cathie)

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