Friday, May 12, 2006

Looking at properties on California's Lost Coast - Day 2

At Cape Mendocino, a 1992 earthquake raised the seabed three feet, exposing tide pools

Another ride among the giants

This country, near Ettersburg, California (south of Eureka) looks like a wonderful place to have a little land.

I thought "here's a cute little cottage" in Shelter Cove. Looks out on the ocean. Only downsides are the airstrip that runs across the back yard, and the possibility that someone could build on this strip of land out front, blocking the "unobstructed ocean view." Price: $750,000.

A realtor showed me "Jason's Place", designed and built by a twenty-something architect. It was one of the most modest properties offered in Shelter Cove.

Pretty views

"Jason's Place", a one bedroom plus "family room" cottage, is a mere $425,000. If three or four more homes like the one down the hill go in on these open lots, it would certainly be a different place.

Inside "Jason's Place", cute, comfy and very small. Definitely masculine energy.

Shelter Cove house

Black Sand Beach, Shelter Cove, on California's "Lost Coast"

The southern end of California's "Lost Coast", where Highway 1 turns inland (into the canyon at upper right.)

"Redwood Empire Lumber", eliminating its namesake

The redwoods are still being cut, though the trees now being taken are much smaller. Land is so costly in California, there seems to be pressure for landowners to sell their "timber" to recoup some of the expense.



HMMM....Interesting. If I recall, you were paying $7.00 a night in this rate the price of this house would entitle you to 60,714 nights, or 166 years of accomodations.

timtraveler said...

Oh, man!

Don't remind me!!!

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Dicky Neely said...

It is beautiful up there, and maybe for a while still less densely populated.

timtraveler said...

You're right, Dicky. For a while...

Dicky Neely said...

Great pics, as usual! I know the Eureka area and on up to BC and Alaska. ...Been a long time since I've been there. Beautiful...
I surfed in Northern Cal and in Washington and a few times on Vancouver Island.

see ya,

timtraveler said...

Thanks, Dicky.

It sounds like there aren't many places you HAVEN'T surfed!