Monday, May 08, 2006

A Lack of Cash

May 8, 2006

Another uninspired day. Woke around 7:30, but allowed myself to doze off (as I so often do.) Awoke at 9:30, feeling very guilty.

Tried connecting to internet, but no luck. "Kathy" from Exchange Bank called. Did I get my check yet? I told her it didn't come Saturday. I was waiting until after 11:00 before I go to check my post office box again.

She then said they mailed it via courier, and so used my home address.

"What's that?"

"5761 Sonoma Mountain. Fed Ex wouldn't deliver to a post office box."

"This is a problem. I don't live there any more. And I've got bills to pay right now!"

She asked if I knew the people at that address. Yes, but they're not home. They're at their desert residence. I told her the letter may be just sitting up there outside the house. I would drive out to have a look.

This is typical. Nothing can be easy, can it? The cost to retrieve my own money is rising by the day. Another 20-mile trip. I took a ride out to Sonoma Mountain. It was so nice, green, pastoral, peaceful. The gate code had not been changed, so I was able to get in and drive up to Dona and Jack's house. The Fed Ex letter was there, sitting on a wall near the front door.

The world suddenly looked much "rosier". It's like that, the ups and downs. Drove direct to Exchange Bank. I asked the teller if it would be possible for the funds to be immediately accessible in my account. "Yes."

Great! I called Kathy back to say everything's fine with the world.

Over to A'Roma Roasters to work in "my office". Went on-line and paid off the Visa card before any fees hit.

I note the Feds still have not made an electronic deposit of my refund. It's funny. California wasted no time in processing my payment to the state. I guess it works like that.

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