Saturday, June 17, 2006

Newly-weds at home

After a tough day at the office, Otto is served a delicious meal.

PCBs: Personal Creme Brules

Friday, June 16, 2006

Going to a wedding...

So last Tuesday afternoon, I get this e-mail from my sister Janie in Las Vegas: "Otto & I are planning a quick WEDDING this Fri. (Mom's B.D.) can you come? We have been thinking about it for awhile".

They've only been together for fifteen years, so it wasn't a big surprise. I cleared my calendar and booked the first flight to "Sin City". Anything for "Little Sis". And besides, they needed someone with a camera.

What follows is self-explanatory...for those who attended (Janie and Otto, of course; Otto's mom, Hilda, his sister Martha and her husband Rick - all from L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.)

I was going to be witnessing for Janie's side of the family. Attending by phone were our brother Drew (at a restaurant in Malibu, California at the time), our brother Jeff (at home in Vermont, in his underwear at the time), our sister Mary in Glendale, California, and long-time family friends Krissy and Ben (also at Mary's house.)

Limo on the left, wedding "chapel" on the right

Meanwhile, Hilda checks the race results...



It's important to stay connected

The Las Vegas Wedding Bureau in the background is larger than many Federal buildings!

Mr. Otto Tapia. Big man in Vegas.

"Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get mar-ar-ar-ied..."

Mr. Tapia interviewed on the street

Vegas Parking Enforcement officer on his "Segway"

Rick and Martha, Otto's brother-in-law and sister, arrive

Otto and his "sis", Martha

"You gotta get a witness."

Looks like the County Jail

Sign in...and empty your pockets

The bride only cost fifty bucks

Mother and daughter

I had to sign as witness to the prosecution

That clock is fast!

When the clerk asked if there were any objections to this wedding, from the cell phones there came the sound of throats clearing

When asked if he was ready to proceed, it seems Otto needed some time to think about it

Listening in by cell phone: Malibu and Glendale California, and Waterbury, Vermont.

"He said 'I be wed.' It should be I thee wed!"

"Scotty...Scotty! Beam me up. Muy rapido!"


The deed is done

Backstage with the cast of "Brokeback Mountain"

Rick and Martha


Happy Hilda

Carnivore's delight

"You gonna take that blackberry?"

The cake says "Happy Anniversary"

At "Lawry's" restaurant with Mr. and Mrs. Tapia

With four of a kind, Martha wins $418

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Shock and awe!

Tim Traveler on a roll! A pair of aces pays 50 cents.

Good night and good luck!