Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Prelude does South Dakota and Montana

Prelude near the site of Chief Sitting Bull's encampment, when it came under attack by General Custer's troops

Harley rider in uniform. Sturgis, South Dakota

Prelude in Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis, South Dakota. The Rally begins next week, but thousands of bikes are already in town, or cruising the nearby Black Hills.

Sturgis. Merchandizing mecca of the motorcycle world.

Crazy Horse Mountain, Black Hills, South Dakota

Crazy Horse bronze with the mountain that will be sculpted in its image

Chief Crazy Horse meets pop culture. Custom Harley drawing at Crazy Horse Mountain Memorial.

Prelude visits Mount Rushmore


Dicky Neely said...

A friend of mine was recently at some kind of Indian pow wow up there and she went to this monument and brought back a whole passle of pics. Very interesting.
Sturgis should be fun!
By the way, sorry I am such an asshole but I can't help myself, but did you know that George Armstrong Custer was actually a Lieutenat Colonel. He was what was called a "Brevet" Brigadier General during the Civil War. That means that at the end of the war he reverted back to the rank he held before the war.
He never made it to General primarily because he wasn't that well liked in some circles in the Army high command and he once went AWOL to leave a boring job at a western post and went to see his then new wife, Libby.
He was considered a brave but rash fighter and the rest, as they say, is history!

Dicky Neely said...

Well, just to get it right! My fuzzy brain told me I wrote something that was incorrect so I checked it out. Basically I was right but Custer actually received two brevet promotions during the civil war, the last to Major General.
After the war he reverted back to the rank of Captain and wound up as a Lieutenant Colonel at the time of his death.
He is called General Custer today because of his wartime rank as sort of an honorific since he was a General during the "Late unfortunate unpleasantness," as many in his day referred to The War Between The States.
Have fun up there, looks like a great time. Where's your bike?

timtraveler said...

Thanks for the clarification. At one of the historical sites, I read that Custer was referred to as "General" following a practice of using the title of the highest rank reached, even though it might have only been a "temporary" battlefield designation.