Sunday, October 01, 2006

Movie Madness

Autumn colors coming to the Vermont mountains


We just finished watching Flight 93, a remarkably well-done dramatization of the events of September 11th. Before that, we sat watching North Country, a somewhat lesser dramatization.

That’s the pattern: from dinner on, sit in front of the TV, occasionally munching popcorn or some other snack food. We took "Blue" out for a walk between movies, getting bundled up against the cold (40s). Jeff loaned me a down jacket, which I kept on even in the house, making me nice and comfortable the remainder of the evening (since Jeff's house is typically about 55 degrees inside.) Matt came home around midnight and dropped in to say hello, but he was wiped out and headed directly off to bed.


Matt stopped in about 9:00 this morning (Saturday). We shared some coffee, toast and apple slices before he had to leave for work.

I got Jeff out on his GS today. Washed my bike off quickly before we headed out. My brakes are still squealing. Washing it momentarily eliminates the problem, but it soon returns. I need to try some lithium grease on the brake pad backing plates.

With the goal of seeing the autumn colors which are starting to spread over the landscape, we went for an 85-mile ride, down Route 100 through Granville Gulf Preserve, then west through Middlebury and north to Bristol, and finally up to I-89. Quite a beautiful drive. Sunny early on, but quickly changing and, by early evening, threatening rain.

Near Warren, Vermont, a silent protest to the war in Iraq

Granville Gulf Preserve, near Warren, Vermont

Leaves in a stream

I warned Jeff, "when I leave there may be some parts missing from your new BMW."

The weather report shows temperatures in the 90s across much of the Central and Southern U.S. Right now, that is beginning to sound good to me.

Jeff cooked up some chicken fried rice for dinner.


Chuck said...
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Chuck said...

Sorry about the deletion, too many grammer errors! I must need another cup of coffee.

Anyway, what I was trying to say was, I have been following your adventures via my friend Paynter-in-Florida('s) blog. It was funny to tune in only to see a picture of Vermont! I just moved to Stowe a month ago myself.

Maybe I passed you on Rt100 last weekend??

timtraveler said...

Was that you in the red Ferrari?

Anonymous said...

Hardly. more like '76 land cruiser, top speed 34 MPH..hehehehe

timtraveler said...

Oh...THAT guy!

Chuck said...

Paynter, you know darn well I can get the cruiser up to 50 on the flats!