Monday, September 25, 2006

Brew Burger

Jeff and Matt at our favorite local haunt, The Alchemist

Cold, breezy and overcast today. Winter here already? Do I have to re-think the idea of going further north? (I was considering exploration of the Maritimes again.)

Offered to mow the lawn. Jeff was preparing to leave for Ottawa on business.

He gave me instructions on using his big screen TV – four remotes. Four or five electronic units stacked on the living room shelves. It's a bit overwhelming.

Matt suggested we go to the Alchemist tonight. They open at 4:00. Since Ottawa’s only a four-hour drive, Jeff decided to stick around and have dinner with us.

A stroll through Jeff's Waterbury neighborhood

We walked over at 4:00 and got "the" window table. Tried three different kinds of french fries, and their excellent "Brew Burger".

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