Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Day in the Ether

3:00 a.m.

Jeff and I just finished watching Inside Man. Matt came home at 1:00 a.m. with desserts from Longhorn Steakhouse. "Whoa!"


It has been a cold rainy stay-indoors kind of day. It gave me a chance to get notes downloaded to the journal.

Using Jeff’s computer, I tried posting photos to Blogger, but couldn’t format them properly without the Picasa program that I use on my computer. So, (once again) I gave up. I didn't realize getting into this business what an albatross a blog can be!

Jeff spent much of the day on-line. First, he was trying to locate a BMW ballcap to replace the one Frank's gave him, which was subsequently lost. He had grown quite fond of the hat, its quality and the fact that it was "Made in the USA". The only problem is they seem to have discontinued the style.

He found the one he wanted in Houston, and decided he better order two. Then he began looking for rain gear. But he was distracted often enough from this mission that by 5:30, it was clear he wasn’t going to order any gear for shipment today. Which means the soonest he’d have anything would be Tuesday, which means he’s not really interested in traveling with me. (That was my analysis.)

"Decision made."

Out only briefly today - just a quick walk over to P&C Market. Jeff cooked hamburgers and fries for dinner.

Through it all, I occasionally wonder, “what am I doing here?” No answer is forthcoming.

Drew called last night from Burbank, en route to Mary’s. They were going to pick her up and go out for Mexican food. Alana was driving the Prelude for the evening – going to a concert. She wants to take them to a high-end sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills. She already has connections!

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