Thursday, September 28, 2006

Elusive Electronic Emanations

Walked up to "K.C.’s Bagel" to start the day, even though they brew weak "Green Mountain Coffee". I asked where I might find an internet connection, and was told to try the library, a few blocks away.

The folks at the library were very accommodating, but their wireless connection was slow, so I didn't stay.

A very mild day. The weather keeps flip-flopping here!

Went over to "Frank’s" in Essex Junction to have the bike's oil changed. I intended to go on to Burlington afterwards and hopefully work on the computer. while they serviced the bike, Dave suggested I get some lunch at "Hoagie’s", a short distance away. Went over and had a big pastrami sandwich. (Funny. It's something I would never have at home, but being "on the road" changes things.)

A young man at the shop told me about the “Ap Gap”, one of the best rides around. (I learned later this is shorthand for the Appalachian Gap, the 2,356-foot pass through the Green Mountains.) He told me how to get there. I'll have to check it out.

As I was ready to leave "Frank's", I realized I had forgotten my computer, so there was not much reason to go to Burlington. I decided to follow the young man's suggestion, and see about this gap.

I rode over the Gap, realizing I've been here before - back in June 2004, when I visited Jeff, and he, Matt and I took Jeff's bikes out for the day. There is no comparison though between "Ap Gap" and the "Tail of the Dragon"! This road was marred by numerous extensive construction zones, poorly engineered curves and plenty of gravel and debris in the turns.

In Waitsfield, I spotted the "Red Hen Bakery" and pulled in. I've seen their product in stores, and really fresh-baked bread sounded appealing. Inside, I met a fellow campaigning for auditor, I think. A celebrity. After he left, and the commotion subsided, I bought a loaf of bread.

Returned to Jeff's house, picked up the computer, took Matt's dog "Blue" outside for a walk, then headed out for Burlington - again!


"Adelphia" (the local internet provider) must suck!!! I'm at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington, trying to work on the blog, but the connection frequently gets dropped. Have to re-log in each time.

A librarian showed me a list of other "hotspots" in town. Took off to find another site. The library closes at 6:00 anyway.

I quickly stumbled upon the “Radio Bean”. Yes, they have free wi-fi. Ordered a cappuccino and a cookie and went to get my computer from the motorcycle. Set up, but found the connection was no better than at library. It's probably the same provider. The computer just locked up. I was angered at the growing cost of an elusive connection.

Frustrated, I quickly left Burlington. Or tried to. Traffic was jammed around the University. Returned to Waterbury, stopping at their new “Shaw’s Market”. It reminds me of the “Safeway” chain in California. Bought a few supplies for the road.

Amused to see a checkout line labeled “tabloid and candy free lane.” It was one of the few checkstands closed. I was disappointed at missing out on the free tabloids and candy.

Jeff was already back from Ottawa – he finished the job about 11:00 this morning.

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