Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hanging with Matt in Waterbury

Research visit to Ben & Jerry's

In the 30s outside this morning, and not much warmer inside. I walked up to the local coffee shop, only to find they have gone out of business.

Once into gear, I spent a couple hours vacuuming the house. Seeing what it takes to keep a house this size is very discouraging. It looks like too much for Jeff, given the amount of time he spends on the road. He needs a housekeeper!

Even if I could afford such a house, I couldn't afford to maintain it.

Kellie called this morning to announce she’ll be ready to move October 11th, so it looks like I’ll stay until then.

Matt was off today, so we spent some time together. Went over to his place about 1:30 to see if he were among the living. Found him watching motorcycle racing. We went up to Stowe, for lunch at Huntington’s, in the former location of “Gracie’s”. A quiet and cozy downstairs (cellar) setting. Clam chowder and chicken Caesar for me, a burger for Matt. Pretty good food.

By the cemetery, "one more cigarette..."

Then I forced him to stop at the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Surrounded by seniors, I had an ice cream cone. Matt passed on my offer to buy him one, reminding me that they get it too often. (Waterbury property owners get a free case of ice cream each year.)

He came over to the house later and we talked about finances and budgets, 401k funds and savings.

Drew and Susan called from the road, en route to visit Alana, who's attending college in Southern California.

Jeff called earlier from Ottawa. He was having trouble linking to the internet via ethernet. I could suggest a few things to check, but it was difficult troubleshooting over the phone. We discussed taking a ride up to Canada with the bikes next week.


3:00 a.m. Wednesday

Just finished watching Muriel’s Wedding, the 1994 Australian film. I still enjoy it, though it’s starting to show its age. (I had tried to watch it about four times in the past couple days, but the interruptions are many around here!)

Got into a real music video binge lately, watching Neil Young’s Heart of Gold, The Band's The Last Waltz and Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up. I was surprised to see that Gabriel collaborated with Daniel Lanois for a number of years (including the “So” album, among others.)

The talent to create wonderful music has a way of inspiring awe. It’s one thing that makes me wish I could start over, and pursue a life in music.

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