Monday, October 16, 2006

Clean-up in East Aurora

Missed Priscilla this morning. She left a note with a task for me, if I wanted: move two large ladders out of the way in the garage, so she could park her car there.

A sunny, mild day.

Becky was coming out to East Aurora for a dental appointment. She called at 10:00 to confirm, but first had a couple of errands to run. She showed up just before 1:00.

Several times, I called Priscilla at her office, asking questions about various things in the garage, what's to be saved, thrown-out, moved where, etc.

I was well into the garage reorganization when Becky arrived. She suggested we cut back the peonies that line the driveway. It should be done before winter. I felt this would sidetrack me from my "mission" in the garage, but she said Priscilla would be delighted. So, we worked together, using the electric hedging shears. It took less than an hour.

We postponed plans to visit "Taste" until after her dental appointment. I returned to the garage, rearranging and sweeping, finishing up around the time Becky returned. Rather than go out, we stayed at the house and "vegged". She wanted an update of family phone numbers and addresses, and that led to calls to Mary and Janie to gather some of the latest information.

She had heard Mary was off work due to "stress". I had no idea about it. Mary confirmed it - apparently her supervisor is trying to force her to leave, so she can fill the position with a friend. It has created an intolerable atmosphere, and Mary is considering legal action.

And Janie reports they are kind of in limbo. Money is tight - she doesn’t even have money to start the small baking business she has been thinking of. And they have been ordered to put in a back yard by their community organization! The fascists!

Priscilla arrived home as we were talking to Janie.

Becky was not feeling well, and decided to head home. Priscilla and I later went up to "Bar-Bills". It was packed with the Monday night football crowd, about a half-hour wait for a table. We took seats at a counter, sipped "Bass Ale" and munched on popcorn and "Buffalo Wings". Once we were seated at a table, we ordered "Beef on Weck", the famous Buffalo-area sandwich. Too much food. (A common theme lately!) Took home the leftovers.

We sat up trying to watch Drew’s movie, Harry Monument. "This is really bad!" But it was fun to see big brother on the screen. To make it less painful, we fast-forwarded to the scenes in which he appeared.

Tried connecting to a local wireless signal from an upstairs bedroom. Priscilla reminded me I was able to do this last time I had visited. A "linksys" connection worked for a while, then I couldn’t reconnect. Did I get booted off? Someday, I’ll understand how these things work.

To bed around 12:30. Body achy and throat a bit raw. (Yesterday's ride probably didn't help.) I refused Priscilla’s offer of "drugs". (I rarely take anything, except perhaps an aspirin.)

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