Thursday, October 05, 2006

Comfort Inn, Saint-Georges, Quebec

Hills of Northern Vermont


Settled into this luxurious (not) motel. Jeff is suffering from a tweaked back on this, our first day of a two-day ride.

I went out a little while ago to find some ibuprofen and soft drinks. Driving over five miles around town, I found nothing but fast food restaurants and bars open. No convenience stores, no gas stations, no markets. Not like the States! The temperature in the 30s, I wasn't going to spend too long searching. It's winter up here!


Pretty slow getting into gear. Didn't arise until about 9:00. “You don’t seem too motivated,” Jeff said.

Packed up some stuff and we were off around 11:00, the temperature about 53, but actually dropping, as the sun soon disappeared. Jeff wore his fleece-lined jeans, my (larger-sized) electric vest (unplugged), a Gore-Tex jacket and light gloves. I had my "Aerostich" and Jeff’s (smaller) electric vest (plugged in).

Slow progress through the tourist-filled town of Stowe, then following route 100 through the countryside. I was looking for a good excuse to stop, such as a coffee shop. But we found nothing particularly inviting.

Cows and autumn foliage. Primary features of the Vermont landscape.

The border crossing entailed about a ten-minute wait in line. I was idling, enjoying the heat build-up as the vest and heated grips restored some body warmth. Stopped the engine to answer the customs officer’s question. Trying to start again, the battery was virtually drained. I was able to restart it after letting it rest a bit. Guess I need a new battery. It shouldn't drain that quickly.

More overcast in Canada. Roads in marginal condition. Over to Lac-Megantic. Looked for a Tim Horton’s. We had been on the road five hours and needed a break. My shoulder was already transmitting sharp pains.

No Tim Horton’s, but we found a Café and Music Bar on the main street. Concerned about the forecast, the server offered to turn on the Weather Channel for us. Clearing ahead it seems, but a freeze is coming.

Beautiful autumn colors. Especially in Canada – the yellows are intense.

Lots of road work. Found myself counting the miles and minutes until we stop. I’m accustomed to frequent stops. The long stretches of uninterrupted riding will eventually cause problems.

We targeted Saint-Georges as our stopping point for the day. Jeff knew there’s a Comfort Inn with a St. Hubert's restaurant right next door. About $60 for the room. A bit shabby. Formerly some other motel. Dropped our gear in the room and went directly to dinner. Enjoyed an "Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale" with my chicken dinner.

St. Hubert's restaurant in St. Georges, Quebec. The most popular place for chicken.

The featured wines at St. Hubert's, brands formerly owned by Robert Mondavi Corporation, a link to my former working life!

At first seated next to a boisterous office party, we finally asked to be relocated. That made the experience much more pleasant. This chain does an excellent job of serving up tasty food.

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