Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hanging Out in Vermont

Jeez! Slept until 10:00!

Another beautiful day. Jeff and I walked up to "P&C Market" to buy coffee and bread.

Sat on the porch with our coffees, enjoying the sun. Bob mowing his lawn next door, came over to chat during one of his breaks. He talked about his many trips to Brazil. He wants to go every year now. I guess I have to try a bit harder to make it there.

We drove into Burlington. Jeff wanted a Persian-style carpet for the living room and an entertainment center.

We found a "Karistan" carpet that he liked, but no luck on the center. Looked for “Susan”, but it must be her day off. Tried to convince Jeff to leave a business card and note saying “sorry I missed you”, but he wouldn’t. “Maybe another time.”

At one furniture store, free hors d’oeuvres and cookies were offered. That took care of my hunger!

Late in the afternoon, we went to “Longhorn Steakhouse” to visit Matt. And by the way, have a meal. Matt handled the cooking and made several visits to our table. The man knows how to cook a steak! Excellent.

Sleepy on the drive home. Lethargy prevails! Life is just too comfortable here. I feel there are so many distractions, it’s difficult to "do" anything. Just what I would "do", were there no distractions, is not immediately apparent.

Drew is picking up votes in the Dylan contest – he’s now fifth in the standings (of about 20), but a LONG way from the leaders, who he said are voting repeatedly. (Of course I was trying my hardest to "game the system" and vote repeatedly - anything for my big brother!)

As usual, a night in front of the big screen TV.

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