Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mug shot

In the mail today was a box containing five copies of the Fall 2006 Aerostich catalog with my mug on the cover. And a $50 gift certificate to boot! Timtraveler makes the big time. I'll just bask in the glory for a few minutes, then get back to looking for a job.


Anonymous said...


With all the stories I've heard regarding your travels, so far, I figured you'd publish! I didn't expect you to be published this way.

Welcome back to California, semi-famous dude.

Mike (as in Cooper's papa)

Drew Kampion said...

Oh, this is great. Now he'll never get a real job ... it'll just be a long, long bout of careering!

babycondor said...

This is so cool! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I come back to read the site all the time. Really incredible stories and photos.


timtraveler said...

Hey, Dusty!


The stories are incredible because I make them up...

JRS-Montrose said...

Hey Tim I realized today reading some comments on the 2005 GS that my son and I met you up on Lizard Head Pass for a few minutes while you were trying to break into a locked restroom. Anyway thanks for your comments and inspiration. I am head up to the SBK races in Salt Lake as a response to seeing you and then my son heading out on your adventures. He's enjoying the Utah canyons on his way over to CA.

timtraveler said...

That wasn't me. I would NEVER break into a locked restroom! Ha, ha.

I haven't been over Lizard Head Pass (though that had been my intention.) From Telluride, I mistakenly headed west to Norwood, and eventually Dove Creek, before circling south to Cortez.

Happy riding, and good luck to your son on HIS adventure!