Saturday, October 28, 2006

Henderson, Nevada

In a personal effort to clean up Las Vegas, Janie and Otto pose with debris collected from the wash behind their house.

Awoke with a jolt at 7:30. Refreshed. Cool air. A change in the weather coming – high cloud sweeping in from the southwest. (It’s important to see the weather, even while staying in a house!)

Went upstairs to work on the computer a bit. Coffee and struesel for breakfast. Janie stepped out in back to feeds the "chipmunks" (ground squirrels?) in the desert below their retaining wall.

Janie, Otto and I undertook a clean-up project they've long been intending. The rocky desert wash behind their housing tract is littered with human debris. It is carried by flash floods, by the wind, or mindlessly tossed out there (as one neighbor has regularly done.) Working under a hot sun, we collected about six large yard-waste bags’ worth. And this from an area perhaps a quarter the size of a football field.

In the afternoon, we sat around watching movies, munching chips and salsa. Called Jess (leaving a message, as usual!) Then called Jeff. Kellie and her Aunt Janie chatted for awhile. The big news: Jeff took Kellie to Bed Bath & Beyond. She had a "field day".

Janie and Otto took me out to dinner at one of their local favorites, Carrabbas Italian Grill.

There was a noisy party down the street tonight. Yet it was not annoying. Janie said is was the first one they've seen (and heard) since moving here. Many of the homes in this subdivision (and indeed, in Las Vegas) have been purchased on speculation, and have never even been occupied. The effect has been to create sprawling neighborhoods that almost seem like ghost towns. It's actually quite a sad state of affairs. So, a party that brings a little life to the neighborhood is actually a welcome event.

Started to consider my path home from Las Vegas. I decided to avoid L.A. (I hope Mary and Robert are not offended!)

Time change tonight!

It's Rocky Cat!!!


Drew Kampion said...

Hey, love this Rocky Cat pic!

timtraveler said...
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timtraveler said...

Rocky thanks you.

Anonymous said...

This cat should be famous!!!!!

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babycondor said...

"Cleaning up" in Las Vegas takes on new meaning. Thanks for your civic effort, Janie & Otto.
8:37 AM