Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Looking for a Connection

Sleeping long hours these days, and that sleep seems more dream-filled. Is this what growing old means? Losing oneself in the past and in dreams?

Jeff had to go to the office. I stayed behind and cleaned up a bit in preparation for Kellie’s arrival. Switched bedrooms and vacuumed the house.

Determined to get out and work remotely on my blog, I decided to go to "Stowe Coffee House". Overcast, with rain on its way. The "Coffee House" was crowded with tourists. Not really the people I was looking to be surrounded by. Still, it offers a cozy atmosphere. They've done a good job with this shop.

The poor connection was the clincher though. I couldn't get anything done. Light rain upon leaving Stowe, but it was still dry in Waterbury. Couldn’t really justify riding over to Montpelier. I wanted a bagel, so I stopped at “K.C.’s” in Waterbury, but they were closed. "Okay, it’s Montpelier after all." I didn’t want to languish at the house. Drove over to “Capitol Grounds”. What is it about the service at this place?

“We don’t have bagels, so no sandwiches.”

“Okay, a mug of coffee and a brownie.”

“We’re not doing mugs. I’m the dishwasher.”


As I left the counter, I heard him say to the next person in line “we’re not doing soup…”

Over the several hours I was there, I probably got six photos published to the blog. It's like repeatedly running at a wall. I guess I'm just a little dense. And stubborn.

Raining as I left the shop, but it stopped before I reached Waterbury.

I'm surprised how many unpaved roads I see in Vermont. "In California these would certainly be paved."

Toast for dinner. Jeff later made some pizza, so I "supplemented" with some of his pizza.

Kellie called from Boston. She’s "sick with nervousness." It's a big move for her, coming back to Vermont.

I tried to go to bed early, but couldn’t really sleep. Jeff and I have both been sleeping too much it seems. In the past, I often regarded this as the body storing up in advance for some challenge it instinctively knew lay ahead (though I may not be conscious of the impending challenge.) For him, it’s Kellie’s arrival, I think. For me, the ride west.

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