Sunday, October 01, 2006

Meeting My Camera

Crawled out of bed, made some coffee, then sat down to check e-mail. Susan French sent photos of some recent Mondavi parties. According to Susan, the 93-year-old Mr. Mondavi was unresponsive at one – he looked bad. At the other event, he looked much better, she said. I was unable to open the photo albums. Cleaned out the e-mailbox a bit. E-mailed Jessica. I haven’t heard from her lately! Must be bogged down with studies.

Raining steadily, pretty much washing out the annual “Leaf Peepers Half Marathon” which starts at the state facilities around the corner from Jeff's house.

I'm getting "antsy". I need to do something useful, constructive, not just vegetate! Woke Jeff around noon. Normally, he’d play his “Civilization” game on a day like this, he said. And so he did. His new “Bose” speakers playing music from the "iPod", I busied myself with other things. Showered. Finally turned my attention to my camera and the confusion about ASA settings. Why has this been such a mystery? After studying the camera for a short time, I figured it out. In the past, whenever I attempted to set the ASA, then returned to the shooting mode, it had looked like the setting failed to hold. But what I was seeing in the LCD immediately after setting the ASA was the shutter speed, not the ASA. So, believing that I had failed to change the ASA, I began to assume it could not be changed. Two years on and I think I’ve finally got it!

Read a “Motorcyclist” magazine article that Jeff recommended, an on-going travelogue from Dan Walsh. Jeff considers him an excellent travel writer. I too enjoyed Walsh's style, which is certainly an expression of his very different personality type.

Received an e-mail from Toddy. Sounds like the transition to home life is not easy one. He and his wife are in counseling. Perhaps the price of being a "free spirit".

Wanted to go to “Capitol Grounds” for a change of scenery and perhaps some stimulation, but a call over to check on their hours went unanswered. It appears they’re closed. "I have to get out. Being here, in the house, is getting old."

Football season! There is something so comforting about watching a football game on a rainy afternoon. I don't follow the sport, but it's so relaxing to sit in front of the tube and watch a game.

We finished a triad of 9-11 movies with On Native Soil and Telling Sammy.

Early to bed, for lack of stimulating activity.

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