Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Furniture!

Humans quickly adapt to new surroundings. Animals are not so fast. Jeff enjoys his first evening with a new sofa, easy chair and lamps. "Blue" looks confused.

Jeff had to visit the office briefly to complete a report, so I joined him, intending to give Capitol Grounds (across the street from his office) another try.

He planned to borrow Matt’s truck later to pick up the sofa.

Overcast, but very mild. We postponed our trip to Canada until tomorrow, based upon news of a storm front coming through later today. It will be colder after it passes, but should be clear and dry.

Jeff had a negative edge from the start today. As we drove to Montpelier, I told him there is nothing outside of us that is “causing” negativity, meaning, the causes come from within, and as such we have the ability to control them.

At Capitol Grounds, no major problems with the internet (for a change.) Now it was a matter of insufficient time! Once I sat down and started working, there just seemed so much to do.

Kellie confirmed she’ll be ready to roll next Wednesday. We arranged to pick her up in Boston at 8:00 a.m.

Driving Matt’s truck to Burlington, there was a terrible shimmy in the front end. It was so bad I thought there might be wheel or tie rod problems and I urged Jeff to pull over.

We took a look underneath. Nothing obvious, but Jeff rocked the truck and concluded it has bad shocks.

At the furniture warehouse, we quickly loaded up the sofa. Matt was at home, waiting for us (and his truck.) He was eager to take his dad's old recliner over to his apartment! He and I moved the sofa into Jeff's living room.

Jeff seemed to relax as we got the sofa unpacked. We disassembled and cut up the wooden packing frame and took the wood over to Wanda for use as kindling.

Jeff actually suggested The Alchemist for dinner tonight. We walked over just after 4:00. A balmy afternoon, though dark clouds were spreading over the land.

At home later, Drew called. He and Susan were en route to Crescent City after having met Jessica for coffee at Northern Lights book store in Rohnert Park this morning. So, via indirect communication, I learned my daughter is still alive and well!

Another evening in front of the TV, this time enjoying the new sofa and recliner.

Democrats and others are jumping all over Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley and Condoleeza Rice. A complete evening line-up of shows discuss the political fall-out of this week’s revelations that for years Foley had inappropriate contact with Congressional pages, and that Speaker Hastert had covered up the issue.

A blustery night, harbinger of change. It’s turning cold again. Jeff likes it, and on a walk with “Blue”, he grabbed my shoulder and says “it’s nice to have you here.” Suddenly I felt bad for all the grumbling I've been doing.

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