Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oktoberfest in Waterbury

Opened my eyes and knew it was late. About 9:00 a.m. I watched as mother’s life descended into a lethargy and see my own following the same path. I’m not ready to go that way. Jeff stirring at the same time (because a call from Kellie woke us both.)

After he had finished on the computer, I went over to listen to “Democracy Now”. He sat nearby and offered an on-going critical commentary which made it impossible to continue. I see in him our mother. Observing another trying to perhaps better themselves is threatening, so you must interfere, sabotage the effort. Only when they are returned to your level are you content (such as sitting vegetable-like in front of the TV.) It’s a way in which we humans reinforce our laziness and assure mediocrity. I developed a gnawing suspicion that our mother never truly wanted anyone to succeed, perhaps because she felt she had not.

The only way I can do any “work” is to get out into an anonymous public setting, where no one cares, and no one is intimidated.

Jeff decided that finally it was time to buy some furniture for his living room. For years, his furnishings consisted of an old recliner, a canvas-webbed tubular steel patio chair and maybe a small end table or two. Oh, and the home gym.

We went into Burlington to look at furniture. Made the rounds of five or six furniture showrooms. By the end of the afternoon, he had found a new sofa, a leather recliner, and two table lamps. And an attractive saleswoman named "Susan"! We'd have to borrow Matt's truck and return to pick up the purchases.

A pit stop at "Burlington Bagel" before heading back to Waterbury.

As part of its Oktoberfest celebration, the "Alchemist" was hosting an “oompah” band. The place was jammed, so there was no chance of dragging Jeff in there. (He hates crowds!)

Instead, we walked up the street to “Arvad’s” for dinner. It was Matt’s second day back there working in the kitchen. He is friends with the owners, Jeff Larkin and his wife Patty (whose mother, Wanda lives across the street from Matt and Jeff.) We got a 20% discount. I tried the peppersteak (good!) As usual, though, it was too much food, and I ended up with takeout containers (excess packaging!) Jeff and I are bad influences on each other.

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