Friday, October 13, 2006


Kathy called from her home in Orangeville, New York.

“You’re not coming down here!"

They’ve had 22” of snow in Buffalo, the earliest and heaviest October snow in history.

"But," she admitted, “you gotta do what you gotta do.”

The weather up here is nice (if cold.) Jeff decided to take Kellie out to Burlington. I guess we had some more shopping to do. Of course, we’ll fit in a stop at Olive Garden.

There's a dusting of snow on Mt. Mansfield. The autumn foliage is noticeably thinned after last night’s strong winds.

Lunch at Olive Garden. As with Chili's last night, the meals here are a bit expensive, but it’s based on overwhelming portions. You’re forced to take food home (or over-eat) rather than waste it. It's all part of our flow-based economy.

At the Burlington Furniture Warehouse we tried to dicker on a mattress and frame, but the young saleswoman wouldn’t budge. Jeff noticed we had interrupted her lunch. That may have “stacked the cards” against us from the outset.

Kellie loves Wal-Mart, and was ready for an encore, so Jeff reluctantly joined her there. (But he did find some suspenders he had been needing!)

A final stop before home, at Green Mountain Roasters. Went over to Matt and Kellie's later. Kellie wanted me to see The Day After Tomorrow, a film about global warming.

Kellie outside her new Vermont home

Drew called. He’s off to see Bob Dylan tonight. This evening, I walked over to see the restored train depot. The governor will be here tomorrow to cut the ribbon during the grand opening ceremonies. Tonight, they were busy setting up displays inside the shops and visitor’s center.

Back at Jeff’s tonight, watched NASCAR races, then In Her Shoes, actually a fairly good film.

Dinner of canned soup for me, egg salad sandwiches for Jeff.

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