Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Run to Boston for Precious Cargo

Jeff helps daughter Kellie move out of her Boston residence

Matt decided to join us for the trip to Boston. Matt, Jeff and I left right on time - 4:00 a.m.!

We shared insults. It helped to wake us up. Jeff played "his" music loud. This succeeded in displacing any conversation. Kellie called (at least) three times, just to check on our progress. Made one pit stop for gas and a bathroom. (Turns out Jeff, Matt and myself were all having "intestinal problems" from last night's pizza.)

As anticipated, traffic approaching Boston was heavy. Arrived downtown just before 8:00, as promised. Kellie had all her worldly possessions stacked near the door of her apartment house.

Kellie, Vermont-bound

Matt hams it up

Now we were all focused on escaping the city, and on a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I’ve talked it up so much that everyone was now eager to go.

New Hampshire breakfast stop

With my nephew Matt, at one of my favorite breakfast stops, Cracker Barrel

Kellie proudly finishes the children's menu puzzles

I drove for a while, but was too drowsy. Coming over a hill in New Hampshire, two police cars were parked in the median. The officers were out of their cars, one walking out into the highway, motioning me to the shoulder. At 79 mph (in a 65 zone), I didn’t have a chance. After he ran the records, he returned and said he was recording a warning. What an unexpected break!

Matt was eager to take over. And I was happy to pass the baton. He got us back at precisely noon.

Got everything unpacked. Nap time. I went upstairs. Awakened by Jeff at 4:00.

Out to shop for Kellie. Bought her a phone and groceries, and she picked up job applications from "P&C" and "Shaw’s" markets.

Moved a bed for Kellie over to Matt's apartment next door. It has been years since they lived in the same house.

Snacked throughout the evening. Toast, granola bar, candy bar, coffee. Jeff was wiped out. He went upstairs to rest.

A flurry of e-mails lately from contacts made through the blog. Margaret Beyer is now in Chile. It's fun to read her dispatches.

Called Jessica. She said things are going "okay". Biology tests ahead, making life a bit stressful.

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