Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Lake Effect" in Buffalo

At yet another restaurant

It's increasingly uncomfortable just hanging around Waterbury. I've worn out my welcome. So, this afternoon I’ve begun to pack. I've made a decision!

The phone woke both Jeff and I this morning. It was Matt calling to report that he had taken Kellie out to look for a job this morning and she was already hired! "P&C Market" wants her to start in their deli on Monday. We were all pretty pleased with the news. She’s not wasting any time!

They were on their way over. Jeff and I were going to join them for lunch, which meant getting ready in a hurry. Kellie insisted we go to Chili’s for fajitas!

Rainy day, but mild – about 60 degrees.

Over to Williston. Matt drove in his truck since he’d just continue on to work at Longhorn.

I haven't been to a Chili's in years. The meals are big, which explains why the menu pricing seemed high. I guess you're supposed to take a portion of your meal home. We certainly did.

Kellie needed clothes for work, so we took her over to Wal-Mart, her favorite store. She doesn’t waste any time, goes right to the clothes racks and pulls off a few things she needs. Jeff threw a steam iron and 12 bars of soap into the shopping cart.

At home, Kellie was settling in. Using her new phone, she calls Jeff whenever she discovers something she needs, or as she did just a while ago, if she’s bored.

News of a freak "Lake Effect" snow storm hitting Buffalo. (the earliest such storm on record?) We called Priscilla to see how she was doing. Her lights were flickering. Roads are closed in the area.

Tara wrote to say she was enjoying my blog.

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