Monday, October 02, 2006

Waterbury and Environs

5:15 PM

"Stowe Coffee House"

(Finally! A decent wireless connection. What a difference it makes!)

I’ve been constantly shoveling food in today. (Stocking up for the road?)

Just a little while ago, Jeff and I finished lunch at “Gracie’s” here in Stowe. We had long discussion of the perpetual barrage of "Rock & Roll Oldies". How many hundreds of times have we heard each song? If there is a Hell, one aspect of it might be a non-stop Rock & Roll soundtrack.

(Here at the "Coffee House", they have XM Radio. In an effort to separate themselves from the mainstream, XM's programmers have picked up on the secondary cuts from albums, but it’s still “Boomer-centric”, and we're very tired of it.)

Stowe (and this shop) is filled with tourists. The “Leaf Peepers” are here to see the autumn foliage.


Jeff was up before me this morning, and leaving for work when I crawled out after 8:00. A light rain falling, I followed him over to Montpelier later to see if I might have any better success with internet connections at “Capitol Grounds”. Over coffee, a bagel and chocolate croissant, I was able to post a few more photos before things kind of locked up again.

Packed it up and walked over to Jeff's office. Visited with him, Judith and Jose. The energy at the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) seems heavy and plodding. (My momentary outsider perception.) Not much happiness here. They all hate their boss. I wanted to chide Jeff when I listened in as he fielded a phone call from a “client”. The energy and enthusiasm was totally absent. It was a suffocating bureaucratic demeanor. I felt like kicking someone in the butt, but I suspect that my office life at Mondavi would have appeared much the same to any outside observer. Talked Jeff into going up to Stowe for lunch at “Gracie’s”.

In the stairwell, we happened to run into "John", our Worcester neighbor (whom I had just met at the property,) so Jeff had a chance to meet him. (They work in the same Federal building but have never met!)

We left Montpelier and stopped back at his house before heading up to Stowe. I followed on my bike, because I intended to try and work on the computer if I were to find a good connection there.

"The Coffee House" closed at 6:00, so I only had 45 minutes there.


At the house this evening, watched MSNBC news shows – "Hardball with Chris Matthews" and Keith Olbermanns’s “Countdown”, then football. Republicans are taking a beating right now with the release of Bob Woodward’s new book State of Denial which paints the Bush Administration’s handling of Iraq in a very unfavorable light. (This after Woodward wrote two books basically praising the Administration.) And Republican Florida Representative Tom Foley is under investigation for allegedly going after 16-year-old pages.

Meanwhile, the third shooting at a school in a week, this one in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Our gun culture is going to be our demise.

E-mail from Margaret Beyer saying that I inspired her to go to Chile and Argentina. Scott wrote asking if I wanted to go to Copper Canyon with him before his wedding in December.

Jeff was checking “Adventure Rider”. Someone cited my "R1200GS Service History" blog as an interesting site. Another commented “he’s a whiner and a motorcycle hypochondriac” but conceded “he does ride the thing.” That’s kind of why I stopped visiting “Adventure Rider”.

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