Saturday, October 14, 2006

Winding Down in Waterbury

Teeth bothering me. I’m constantly aware of them when arising in the morning, probably due to "clenching" and weakening. (The dentist called me a "clencher".) Only a matter of time before I have serious trouble on my hands (or, on my gums).

It dropped to freezing last night, but we have a clear blue morning. I'm becoming very agitated - not accomplishing anything here. I’m just eating and degenerating from laziness!

Jeff, on call for ambulance duty, rose at 5:30 to prepare his gear, then rested. Once I was up, I looked at his schedule and noticed it was actually next weekend that he’s scheduled. Oh, well. Too late; he had already "signed in".

He had a call in the morning, a psychiatric patient with pneumonia.

Heard back from Tara in Toronto. She told me of several sites to check for Deal’s Gap photos. It would be nice to continue the conversation.

Went up to "K.C’s Bagels" around 11:00. They had very little from which to choose. What is it with this place? They are not going to survive at this rate.

Warming up a bit outside. The sun felt good.

Called East Aurora and talked with Priscilla and Becky. Based on their report "from the front", I decided to leave tomorrow.

Spent a lot of time with Kellie. She was watching an "Eagles" music video. Jeff tried to get her to watch some films he likes: Love Actually (which she hated, and we discontinued), then Something’s Gotta Give. Stayed over at her apartment for a lasagna dinner.

We heard explosions and went out in the cold and sprinkles to see fireworks bursting in the air above the depot (beyond Kellie’s roof). She loved it. The sound echoing through the valley added to the excitement.

Said goodnight to Kellie, then Jeff and I continued to sit in front of his TV. "NASCAR", “Murder in the First”, then HDTV’s “Mojo” programming – two shows about beer. Actually they were kind of interesting. They visited "Anchor Steam" brewery in San Francisco. I learned more through this TV program than in my actual visit to the brewery. (Of course, they get to talk with founder Fritz Maytag.)

While here, I’ve eaten nearly an entire box (24-count) of "Cadbury Crunch" candy bars! (I was simply doing Jeff a favor - he said he didn't really care for them.) Must be time to go!

This trip is not what I thought it would be. I thought it might serve to sort out some "burning questions". Instead, it feels like I'm simply running away, failing to confront the questions.

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