Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving in Glendale, CA

Jessica arrives for our drive to Southern California

Nice hat!

One day after Thanksgiving, the "In-N-Out" restaurant in Kettleman City is jammin'

Arriving in Glendale, California, Jessica with her Aunt Mary

Jessica and Aunt Mary, across "the pond"

Jessica's cousin Corey is shy before the camera

Or perhaps she has grown weary of the paparazzi...


Janie, returns from shopping, with five pounds of butter

Jessica, in an "Aunt Jane Death Grip"


Alana, Jess and Janie

Otto with his nephew Paulie

It's BEN!

Krissy assumes a classic Hollywood pose...I think

One of two "Emmy Awards" in the Aguirre household


Janie prepares a feast


Otto and Paulie enjoy the hot tub. In the background, you can clearly see Mary's "light figures" (from left to right) the duck, "Winnie the Pooh", the lamp and genie, Santa Claus and..."The Blob" (I actually forget what she called this one.) She arrayed the lights randomly in the backyard trees, but a Muse must have guided her hand in creating such masterpieces.

Martha, Janie and Jessica out on the patio

Contestants Mary and Krissy listen intently as "D.J. Jeff" broadcasts "Name That Tune" from Waterbury, Vermont (via cell phone). The guy absolutely loves his iPod!

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