Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ashamed that George W. Bush is an American

I am nearly ill after listening to "our" President address "his" nation this evening.

After the months President Bush has spent "talking to people" in order to develop a new strategy in Iraq, he really didn't look any further than the Neoconservative handlers who set his Administration's agenda in the first place.

As many expected, tonight's talking points came almost directly from "The American Enterprise Institute" report "Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq", authored by Fred Kagan.

Kagan, one of the architects of this Administration's policy, is "resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute" and a former West Point History professor. In an interview today he candidly admitted that "even if" the Iraqis don't supply the additional "matching" forces required under this new plan, "we should still have enough" American troops on the ground to get the job done.

As you may recall, President Bush commissioned "The Iraq Study Group" to help develop a new strategy for Iraq. The group's final report was issued with great fanfare. The first and foremost recommendation:

"The United States must build a new international consensus for stability in Iraq and the region. In order to foster such consensus, the United States should embark on a robust diplomatic effort to establish an international support structure intended to stabilize Iraq and ease tensions in other countries in the region. This support structure should include every country that has an interest in averting a chaotic Iraq, including all of Iraq’s neighbors—Iran and Syria among them. Despite the well-known differences between many of these countries, they all share an interest in avoiding the horrific consequences that would flow from a chaotic Iraq, particularly a humanitarian catastrophe and regional destabilization."

The American Enterprise Institute arrogantly declares that engaging Iraq’s neighbors "will fail. The basic causes of violence and sources of manpower and resources for the warring sides come from within Iraq. Iraq’s neighbors are encouraging the violence, but they cannot stop it."

And how does President Bush respond to the Study Group's sage advice? By committing 21,500 additional troops, dispatching another U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf and supplying additional Patriot missile batteries to threaten Iran.

It's time to wake up, America. To those in power, we don't mean shit. If that bothers you, do something about it. If it doesn't, you deserve what you get.

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