Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A President with Integrity

There have been numerous eulogies spoken in honor of President Ford who passed away last Tuesday. But two in particular struck me.

President Bush said “Gerald Ford assumed the presidency when the nation needed a leader of character and humility - and we found it in the man from Grand Rapids. President Ford's time in office was brief, but history will long remember the courage and common sense that helped restore trust in the workings of our democracy.”

And Vice President Cheney remembered Ford " worthy of that office as any who had ever come before. He was modest and manful; there was confidence and courage in his bearing. In judgment, he was sober and serious, unafraid of decisions, calm and steady by nature, always the still point in the turning wheel. He assumed power without assuming airs; he knew how to treat people. He answered courtesy with courtesy; he answered discourtesy with courtesy.”

Do these men even hear themselves speak? Where is honesty and integrity when it is most needed? Where is today's "healer"?

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