Thursday, January 11, 2007

Santa Rosa protests President Bush's "new" Iraq strategy

Less than twenty-four hours after his address to the nation, between three and four hundred Santa Rosans turned out for an impromptu rally. Such events took place across the United States today. and helped spread the word.

Today's rally took place in front of the Armed Forces Career Center. According to Susan Lamont, one of the event organizers, "two of the recruiters actually came out and had their pictures taken with our signs."

My brother Jeff called this evening to see if I had watched Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" commentary on MSNBC. Not having a TV, my natural reply was "no". But I found the video at MSNBC's website and watched. Olbermann expresses the morale outrage that, by now, every American (except perhaps those economically invested in the Iraq War) should feel. Bravo! (I've created a link in the sidebar.)

It's time to "git er done!" Get rid of this benighted Administration, lock (Guantanamo), stock (defense industry contractors) and barrel (the good ol' oil lobby.)

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