Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union. A different reality.

President Bush's "State of the Union" speech was a modest, almost humble address.

As he enumerated proposed measures to make this a better country, I couldn't help but ponder the "opportunity cost" of his "war of convenience".

As he challenges Americans to choose "success" over "failure", I wonder how much good we might have done with the $360 billion we have burned in Bush's misguided and reckless Iraq exploit.

The cost of the Iraq War is regularly tallied and reported. But the number we see is merely the estimated cumulative expense to the American taxpayers.

It fails to account for the cost to the citizens of Iraq, to the British and our other allies, the cost to Iraq's neighbors who have absorbed a wave of refugees.

It does not reflect the cost of reparations and reconstruction, of returning our military to its pre-war fighting capacity, the mental health costs and cost of rehabilitating combatants and innocents on all sides of the conflict, over lifetimes.

It doesn't reflect the cost to this nation of lost good will and diplomatic standing in this World.

It doesn't begin to account for the countless dreams destroyed. In short, the President's War has made this World more of a Hell for all its people, those directly involved and those who have suffered by virtue of this opportunity cost.

Referring to Iraq, he stated this past evening: "This war is more than a clash of arms -- it is a decisive ideological struggle, and the security of our nation is in the balance."

He continues to confuse and mislead not only the American people, but those of all nations. The 19 hijackers were not Iraqi. They had no tie to Iraq. They and their compatriots are the ones we have an ideological struggle with.

"Mr. Bush, the American people understand this. You cannot perpetuate the lie."

At this point in our nation's history, America has a single overarching responsibility, and that is to end this war, not prolong it.

And, despite his proclamation as Commander-in-Chief and ultimate decider, we must deny President Bush the authority to escalate this war.


Anonymous said...

It seems he could have cured about four of his stated iniatives with the wasted and bllod stained billions:
alternative fuel, universal healthcare, saving social security,no child left behind

Without doubt, the worst President to ever grace the office. One can only hope that his ineptitude, incompetence, and disregard for human life will spawn a new type of leader from the generation that is waiting in the wings.

This Texacutioner has killed so many people--in Texas, and now the world. Oh yeah, I forgot he's a "Christian"....seems the more you have to tell people this, the less likely you are a "real" one.

The ultimate irony? This President, and indeed his band of corrupt, contemptible, cohorts actually made Clinton, and his Presidency seem a lot more bonafide, sincere, and dignifide.

Ken Starr was given 40 million to track down a blow job, while Bush runs around awarding blood contracts to the Halliburton's and war industries of investigations....

timtraveler said...

As usual, you don't mince words! Thanks, Mr. Paynter.