Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

Slept fitfully, but long. Up just after 9:00. Heavy and achy.

Over to the Santa Rosa Public Library. As I waited for a traffic signal at Sonoma Avenue, Jessica drove by in her Memorial Hospital car, waving. In the library, I found Mike and Cooper picking up books they had put on reserve.

My cold isn’t getting any worse, but my energy has been sapped. Sitting in the library, I listen to people hacking. I notice it increases when the air conditioning comes on late in the morning. (By late afternoon, it usually becomes too chilly to remain.)

Much of the library time today spent on the anti-war agenda: contacting others from this district who will be in Washington, trying to set up an appointment with Lynn Woolsey (and finding that it has already been coordinated!) Signing anti-war petitions and passing the word on to friends and family.

Again today, the wi-fi seemed to die around 3:00 p.m. Amazingly frustrating, this search for “connection”!

Went to “Chelino’s”, but for some reason didn’t really enjoy the burrito I ordered. Perhaps I need to take a break from this place?

President Bush’s sixth "State of the Union Address" at 9:00 p.m. EST tonight

(I do like his choice of pale blue ties, versus the burgundy ones so many others in government wear.)

How well-fed all our representatives look! How complacent.

Bush gracefully acknowledged his distinct honor of opening his speech with “Madame Speaker…” Nancy Pelosi, seated above and behind to his left, rose to a loud ovation. The first woman Speaker of the House.

This was a different, curious scene, with Speaker Pelosi in almost every shot of the President, it was clearly evident which statements she supports and which ones she doesn’t.

“We must take the fight to the enemy” received a rousing ovation. Cowboy language.

As Bush speaks of noble goals, I wonder at the "opportunity cost" we have paid for the continued war. What $400 billion could have contributed to achieving dreams. And what’s more, how many hundreds of thousands of dreams have been dashed by his “war of convenience.”

How many of those goals could have already been achieved were it not for a dubious war sucking the nation's lifeblood?

Bush continues to frame this war in terms of victory and defeat. Success or failure.

“Our goal is a democratic Iraq” (yes, Richard Perle, despite your assertions, President Bush has declared it again.)

He emphasizes we must work together, yet he has gone it alone.

It strikes me that our government utterly fails when it comes to educating the citizenry. You would think it important that the American people "know our enemy". But in this Administration's view, it is enough to know they are "bad guys", "extremists" and “evil-doers”. Trust us.

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