Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time for a chat with "W"

I got a phone call last night. "Kathy" at "" said they accepted my application for a "travel scholarship" to the January 27th "March on Washington"! So, it looks like I'll head back to our Nation's Capital next week and visit with my buddy. (Sure hope he's around. I haven't talked with him in a while.)

"" will pay airfare and contribute to the cost of a room (though it will still cost $100s). I'll take my camera and computer, and try convey a little bit of the experience in this blog. On Monday, January 29th, I understand there will the opportunity to deliver our anti-war message to the Legislature offices.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tim, congratulations on the travel scholarship. I look forward to the dispatches from DC.


timtraveler said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm sure I'll carry a special greeting for you from "W".

Drew Kampion said...

Hey, it's a democracy, ain't it? "W" was duly elected by the Supreme Court (5-4) and some Diebold patriots, so he's now free to do anything he wants, and you can either "serve" your country or get out. In fact, that suggests a great slogan, something about "love it or leave it."

timtraveler said...

I'm sorry. I think you reached this website by mistake. You were no doubt attempting to reach: