Friday, April 27, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg

Jeff and I watched afternoon downpours from the shelter of Steve Berger's garage in Ford's Colony, Williamsburg, Virginia

Made contact with Steve and arranged to meet. He invited us to move out of the motel and over to his place for the night, where he has two bedrooms available. How could we refuse?

Met him at a small strip mall near "Ford’s Colony" and he led us into the sprawling exclusive development. It's a safe and secure world! He had an 11:30 meeting, so he left us with full run of the house. ("Are you sure you trust us?") Browsed his collection of model ships and aircraft on display. Incredibly-detailed miniatures.

We were a bit uncomfortable hanging out inside the house, so we pulled up a couple of lawn chairs into the doorway of the open garage and sat looking out, sipping a beer and munching chips and dip provided by our host. Watched the clouds developing and debated directions. I disputed the accuracy of his GPS’s compass. (But how could it be wrong? I argued maybe the house's gravity was throwing it off.)

Thunderhead billowing above Williamsburg, Virginia

Soon, the much anticipated thunderstorms were upon us. Lightning struck directly in front of us – probably less than half a mile away. Wake up!

When Steve returned, we headed out to Wal-Mart to visit his friend Jennifer. We invited her to join us for dinner tonight.

Steve Berger, my former boss at Robert Mondavi, and Jeff shopping at a Wal-Mart Super Center

In the mean time, Steve took us into Colonial Williamsburg where we visited Chownings (“choonings”), an old brownstone tavern, and caught up over a beer and peanuts in the shell. Afterwards, we walked among the shops and briefly watched a reenactment of Revolutionary patriot drills.

Reenactment of patriot military drills.

Practicing bayonet thrusts

Out to Milano for dinner, a restaurant Jeff and I had seen advertised. Unfortunately, the food was pretty mediocre, and service indifferent. The three of us "guys" got into a political debate, in which Jennifer wasn't inclined to participate.

After dinner, we returned to the house where the debate raged on. I tried engaging Jennifer in a less confrontational discussion of her travels in Europe, a subject she seemed much more animated by. After Jennifer went home, the "guys" turned to watching baseball: the San Francisco Giants were playing.

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