Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's time to move again

For two months now, I've spent most days in the library, absorbing the news of the day, bantering with friends and family via e-mail, reading blogs and occasionally posting to my own, engaging in various on-line discussion groups and researching a few hair-brained entrepreneurial ideas (clearly the lowest-priority among these activities.)

With a change in the seasons, comes the irresistible urge to be out on the open road, running headlong into some great storm out on the Plains. Contrasted to a daily routine of coffee, newspapers, libraries, meals in the same local restaurants and the occasional movie or video, it's an easy urge to follow.

Money will ultimately decide the extent of this latest ride. I've tempted fate about as long as I can, before returning to the "work force". Well, almost as long as I can. Perhaps I can squeeze in another two months on the road.

In the morning, I'll head north for Seattle to spend a few days with Drew, Susan and Alex. Then I'll turn east and work my way back to Vermont once again. Jeff and I will take a ride from there to Key West. That's the plan. After that, who knows.

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