Friday, April 20, 2007

R & R in East Aurora

My cousin Becky decorates her car for the holidays. (You should see these at night!)

Rested well last night. Conditioned by the road, I was up at 6:30 (but stayed in bed until about 8:00!) Priscilla was off to work in Buffalo. For breakfast, I finished up the soggy remnant of a cinnamon roll from Norske Nook in Wisconsin and some now-tough bread from Alterra Baking Company in Milwaukee. Visited with Priscilla's neighbors Frank and Nancy next door. Thanks to Frank, Jeff is still alive. (A story he can tell in his personal blog.)

A perfect, blue day. I brought it with me! (Yeah, right.)

Kathy had wanted to take me to an upscale restaurant in Orchard Park this evening, but we decided to call it off. It's just way too out-of-character for us! I confirmed plans to meet Chris and Amber for lunch in Syracuse tomorrow.

I waited for Becky to drive in so we could "hang out" together today. Jeff called. He just returned from Quebec. I suggested that on our up-coming road-trip we return from Key West via East Aurora so he can spend time with the cousins. He seems open to the idea.

Heading out to the coffee shop with Cousin Becky

Out to Taste coffee shop with Becky. Had some expensive and not too interesting sandwiches, but more importantly, we chatted a long time, much about Joe and Mary Jane (her uncle and aunt), and how to care for the elderly.

Becky visiting with Bev Vidler, who represents the third generation to run "Vidler's 5 & 10" in East Aurora, NY

Becky picks out some treats at "Vidler's"

Doormat seen in "Vidler's 5 & 10", East Aurora

East Aurora now has a Starbucks at the "circle" (the town's main highway intersection.) Kind of a shock in this quaint "All-American" town.

Hanging out with the cousins on a beautiful Spring afternoon in East Aurora, NY

Kousin Kathy

As soon as the sun dips behind the trees, the air chills and Becky "tucks in"

Kathy and Priscilla get a laugh out of the models posing in David's athletic shoe catalog. (A little wine, and just about anything turns entertaining.)

For dinner, we again chose Pasquale’s takeout. Another crazy evening with the cousins, as Kathy joined us. Stuffed ourselves. (Couldn't do that at a fancy upscale restaurant!) And saved money in the process.

Worked on the blog for hours today, posting photos from Washington onward. Wrapped up at 2:00 a.m.

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