Sunday, April 22, 2007

Waterbury, Vermont

Up around 8:00, after waking several times earlier. Walked over to the new Green Mountain Coffee Company Store at the train depot. It was closed. Continued up the tracks to "K.C.’s Bagel Shop". Quiet in town this morning. Over a bagel and some mediocre coffee ("Green Mountain", but not brewed to my liking), read up on the news. A few days ago, a young fellow killed 32 students at Virginia Tech before killing himself. Flags have flown at half-staff across the country. Lots of soul-searching going on now.

We have an insane gun culture. The wonder is that such rampages are not more common.

upon my return, I found I was locked out of the house. Jeff was still resting, so I sat on the front stoop writing some notes. In a field across the street, the spreading of liquid manure (a by-product of Vermont's dairy industry) began again, trucks and tractors rolling, even on Sunday.

Kellie pulled out of her driveway next door and into Jeff’s to drop off leftover steak from the other night. She opened up the house to let me in. Jeff, looking out from his bedroom window upstairs reminded me of our mother – just something in his mannerisms.

Jeff and I started to look on-line at camping options along the East Coast, planning to take advantage of his access to military facilities and soon a tentative route began to emerge.

The weather warmed up to over 70 today, the snow quickly melting and buds are about to burst. Birds fill the air with their song.

Watched a patch of snow in the backyard shadows disappear by day’s end.

To Burlington so Jeff could shop for a few items, including suspenders for his fleece-lined jeans. Over to "Longhorn" to visit with Matt and have an appetizer and margaritas. Strong drinks! (Matt had his buddy the bartender make them “special”.)

Jeff packed tonight.

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