Saturday, April 21, 2007

A visit to The Alchemist in Waterbury, Vermont

Up at 7:30, really enjoying a comfortable bed! I’ve been lucky. A few hundred yards away, tractors are spreading liquid manure in a corn field and it fills the town’s air with a stench (which will linger for days.)

This morning, I walked over to the new “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters” store at the train depot, an odd, touristy shop that feels out of place in this small town. Next, I stopped in at Kellie’s grocery store. She drives her car the two blocks to work! Everyone in town seems to know and like her.

Jeff and I took a drive into Williston to visit Matt at "Longhorn Steakhouse". Of course, since we were there, we may as well have lunch. Matt served us.

Back in Waterbury later, I changed out the BMW's fuel pump electronics, putting in a brand new controller. Jeff mounted a GPS and LED auxiliary headlight on his bike. We sat out on the front porch a long time, "watching all the girls go by" (Two dirty old men.)

Maintaining the day's food theme, we went to dinner at "The Alchemist". We walked over (well under half a mile.) Kellie had a fit. She wanted to drive! A 45-minute wait for a table. Jeff didn’t want to stay, but I prevailed. It really wasn’t so painful. We waited outside. Kellie knew many people who passed by in cars (and she has only been in town a short time.)

(A customer walked in wearing a “Bear Republic - Make Beer not Bombs” t-shirt from Healdsburg, California, near my Santa Rosa home.)

Jeff, tired of all the paparazzi

Kellie and Jeff outside our favorite Waterbury eatery

Downtown Waterbury, Vermont

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